Marketing obfuscation minimises clarity of message delivery vector

In the latest Technet newsletter to drop into my inbox I found this nugget of barely-comprehensible garbage (my emphasis):

The runaway success of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 owes largely to its ability to integrate disparate data formats in a standard content management engine that facilitates unrivaled information sharing and collaboration. As noted in the current edition of TechNet Magazine, SharePoint makes it possible to standardize many aspects of content and lifecycle characteristics through content types…

So, let’s try a translation of that middle bit:

…owes largely to the fact that it allows people to share and collaborate on a wide variety of types of data through a single platform.

Better, although I’m still not entirely happy with “platform”. The user experience is to access the data through different software products (within their applications or directly through a portal / intranet site) so “single piece of software” could be misunderstood. “Single server” is not necessarily true either – what do you think? Is the message being lost somewhere along the way here? How could this be written to describe the key benefits of MOSS clearly, unambiguously, and without paradigm-shifting “marketing-speak?

One Response to Marketing obfuscation minimises clarity of message delivery vector

  1. Jayson says:

    “trying very hard to be the standard protocol in the market?” and its vendor proprietary instead of an open system.

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