Why am I here?

I finally decided to enter the world of blogging, and the start of a new year seemed to be the perfect timing so I thought I should get it started now and hit the ground running in 2007. Too many thoughts come to mind, too many great web pages are discovered and lost again, too many problems are solved and the solutions forgotten. I wanted to be able to share some of these things with other people.

Since I spend most of my time with computers in one way or another, it’s pretty likely that the majority of my blog entries will be on IT related topics. I am particularly keen to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences of managing Windows systems, active directory admin and using group policy. Over the next few months I should find something to say about Vista and Office 2007 too.

One Response to Why am I here?

  1. graycat says:

    Nice start. Look forward to reading more.

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