Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Exams

Some of the details of exams for Dynamics CRM 2015 are now available.

Take careful note of the “Skills measured” sections for these, as they are not exactly aligned to the equivalent 2013 exams in all cases. Courses for these are all e-learning, available via the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) for customers and partners signed up to appropriate support plans. Some learning providers may also offer these as a “blended learning” experience, with a classroom instructor to walk you through the course and address areas of difficulty and answer questions. It remains to be seen whether this is a popular option for many people or not.

MB2-704 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

Slightly strange title on this one. Watch out for the fact that this includes some aspects of social listening, so if you are not using that in your organisation you need to do some good reading on the subject.

MB2-707 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

Looking at the skills measured, it seems that the only new areas covered are calculated and rollup fields. There seems to be no mention of hierarchical security, or configuring sales or service modules (arguably the right choice, as those are possibly business area manager tasks, rather than initial customisations).

MB2-706 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment

Strangely the skills measured for this exam (as of 28th Jan) have lots of overlap with MB2-708, including knowledge about installing the server.roles, SSRS and ADFS for example (I get that ADFS can be used for authentication with online, using federation, but the description sounds more like normal IFD config to me). You will also need to know about online admin of users in the Office365 platform, or Microsoft Online Services as they prefer us to call it these days.Integration with Exchange, Lync and Yammer are included too.

Upgrades, troubleshooting, VSS and data encryption all seem to include topics that would only apply to on-premises environments. This is a truly confusing exam outline, it will be interesting to see what it is like in reality.

MB2-708 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation

This one is aimed at skills needed to implement and manage CRM On-Premises deployments, including things like configuring IFD, high-availability options and troubleshooting.

MB2-720 Functional Application in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Focussed entirely on MDM rather than the limited marketing functionality in CRM itself.

I’ll update this post with details of other exams as they become available.

11 Responses to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Exams

  1. Franglais says:

    The online deployment exam is now online

    • ukcrmguru says:

      Sorry, yes, I updated the post with the link but forgot to edit the text. Both this one and customisation are now available to book – I am taking customisation tomorrow, in fact.

  2. lazer30 says:

    Hi @ ukcrmguru, Thanks for your posts.

    I was just wondering if you could please let me know – are there big differences between the content//questions from the old MB2-866 exam versus MB2-703 & MB2-707, and also MB2-868 vs MB2-700 & MB2-704?

    To further clarify, if one has lots of study material for 2011 Customization & Configuration, and Applications, do you think that’s enough and satisfactory to be able to pass 2013 and/or 2015 respectively?

    Or do you think it might be overly challenging to reach the 80% passing grade?

    Thanks very much! Josh

    • ukcrmguru says:

      I can’t tell you anything about the content of the exams, as that would be in breach of the NDA signed by every candidate who takes a Microsoft exam. You can check out the Skills Measured for each exam and compare them to make a judgement. If you look at these, you will see that 2013 had lots of new features such as Business Process Flows, Business Rules, Access Teams, new form types, and many more subtle changes, all of which are included in the objective domain for the 2013 exam (and still there for 2015). Training materials for 2011 would not cover these, so I would suggest they would not be adequate preparation. You could probably get through the 2015 Customisation exam based on 2013 materials and some extra reading / studying. The 2015 Apps exam has considerably more new topics compared to the 2013 equivalent, so you would need to do lots of extra reading or use the new e-learning materials for 2015.
      Aside: the passing score is 700 out of 1000. Questions are not all worth equal marks, so you could get 70% of questions right and still fail, or 69% right and pass, depending on the weighting applied to the questions you are asked on the day.

      • lazer30 says:

        OK – thanks again – ukcrmguru . I now have notes, the old 2011 material, identified most of the delta to 2013/2015, and now have some 2013 material.

        Now I have another decision to make. I am a Siebel CRM & IT guy. Do you think everything I have is good enough to pass, preparing & studying:: A) all on my own, or B) should I invest $$$$ in MS instructor training (one course includes the 2013 exam)?

        Do you suggest going straight to the 2015 exam(s) just for purposes of being Certified on the latest version?

        Cheers! JT

  3. julians1966 says:

    I have taken MB2-706 and it and follows the skills measured. Bonkers. Ran out of time for comments.

    • ukcrmguru says:

      I assume you mean the objective domain is bonkers. There are skills being measured that are not needed to deploy CRM Online, and some customers would never come across at all. But at least the exam covers what it says it will, so you can prepare for it.

      • julians1966 says:

        Yes. I didn’t believe the skills measured was correct. The issue is that the questions are in depth on the on-premise side. I am having a hard time explaining this to CPLSes who want to run a course under an Online heading, with me saying I have to cover on-premise stuff as well and it is going to make the course hard to sell

      • Nelli says:

        Hi @ukcrmguru,

        I’m planning to take MB2 706 certification. Can you guide in what all topics would be covered? Also since its online deployment, would skills be measured for on premise version too in this certification?

      • ukcrmguru says:

        Just check out the full details on the MB2-706 page. You will see there that some topics covered would probably be considered by most people to relate to on-premises rather than online deployments.

      • ukcrmguru says:

        Note that the new MB2-710 Online deployment exam fixes these complaints. For more info see my updated post about the new exams for 2016:

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