SUS is end of life, upgrade to WSUS

Support for SUS v.1.0 ended on 6th December 2006

After this date it is no longer be supported, but more importantly it will no longer be able to download or distribute any new updates.

So, if you are still running “old” SUS you need to make the move to WSUS as soon as possible. While there is no ‘upgrade’ as such, you can migrate all your approvals and updates across.

This article covers the basics:
Migrate from SUS to a WSUS Server

or download a
Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating from SUS to WSUS

You might also want to consider the Beta 2 of WSUS 3.0, but since that requires Windows Server 2003 sp1 (and a bunch of other components) you could not migrate directly from
SUS if you have it running on Windows 2000.

2 Responses to SUS is end of life, upgrade to WSUS

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  2. Adam Vero says:

    Update: They changed their minds.
    SUS did not go end of life just yet, and support is extended to July 10th 2007.
    Currently the statement is that there will be no supported upgrade route directly from SUS to WSUS 3, so upgrading to WSUS 2 is still a good idea.
    WSUS 3 Beta is coming to an end, product release looks imminent, and certainly Q1 2007

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