GroupShot photo editing tool from MS

This is awesome. I do quite a lot of digital photography, and never quite find the time to go and re-touch those photos to get the perfect image, or to carefully cut, layer, alpha-channel and merge images to get stunning panoramas or remove that annoying tourist in the background.

Now I can get the power of the machine to do it all for me using the brilliant bit of software that is Microsoft’s GroupShot. This is being touted by MS as a free download to make Vista Ultimate even better (what’s better than Ulitmate?). However, I thought I’d give it a try and it seems to install and run just fine on my Windows XP sp2 system.

Basically you can take a series of similar images (such as several shots of a family group, hence the name), tell it which are the good bits of each one, and let it create a single image out of these bits plus the rest of the image to fill in with. For example, you can use this to pick out the people who are smiling from each shot and make it seem like they all laughed together. Alternatively, choose the parts of your pictures of a landscape or building without other people in front to get a single clean shot.

There are some good examples on the site downloaded as zip files of original and final images. Also a video (130 Mb – be warned!)

Download Group Shot from Microsoft Research here.

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