Slashdot clarifies(?) its position

In an article in PCPro magazine issue 148 titled “Democratic News” Rob Malda, the site editor of Slashdot gave his opinion about the differences between totally open, user-driven news sites (such as and those where submitted material is still subject to quality control and editorial decisions. He is quoted as saying:

I think Slashdot’s uniqueness is largely determined by the people who make the final selection of content for the index. That’s not to say there aren’t ways we couldn’t get help from readers

(emphasis mine) It’s great to think that having editors helps to ensure that content is much clearer and less ambiguous for the reader! I couldn’t fail to disagree with him less.

Don’t misunderstand me; I have no issue with the content on Slashdot, I just think this kind of linguistic abuse is why peer review is useful to weed out this sort of gobbledegook.

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