Free WiFi access for Vista users with The Cloud

Similar to the offer in the US for T-Mobile hotspots, The Cloud have signed a deal with Microsoft in the UK to give early adopters of Vista a free trial of their WiFi services.

The Cloud operate a network of over 7,500 hotspots across the UK, ranging from BT payphones to cafes and pubs. You should not have to give any payment details to sign up for a the free trial period, which finishes at the end of April 2007

The Microsoft Vista site mentions this offer, and various news sites cover it but details are sketchy. Many are reporting this offer as starting next week and that you can get one month free, but you only have to pay if you want to use it beyond the end of April. Unhelpfully, there is no mention of it on The Cloud’s website yet, including in the press releases section.

At the moment the sign-up page does not seem to work either. You have to allow an ActiveX control to run, then allow a file called to be installed. After that I can get no further at the moment on the signup page which is here:

Once I work out hwo to get past this and validate my Vista licence, I’ll let you know. If you beat me to it – post a comment to tell us how.

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