Making presentations clearer by zooming with NLarge

When I’m delivering training sessions about Microsoft Office and I start a demonstration, I find that it is often hard for the audience to see the detail of what I’m doing. While I can zoom in on a document I can’t easily make the toolbars and other details bigger – such as the formula bar in Excel.

Of course, I could lower the screen resolution, use big fonts and large mouse schemes to address some of the issues, but then the PowerPoint parts of the course become clunkier, and anything which involves seeing the ‘whole picture’ loses some impact due to lack of screen real-estate.

There are several great tools to help with this by providing a magnified area around the mouse. One such tool is ZoomIt by Mark Russinovich, but this does not work for all my machines (partly due to .Net 3 requirement I think). I have subsequently come across NLarge which is based on the same principles but seems to ‘just work’ so it is now my utility of choice for this kind of work.

One Response to Making presentations clearer by zooming with NLarge

  1. Rob Burke says:

    Cheers Adam… I’ve updated NLarge so that it no longer glitches at the start of a zoom, and I’ve also added some enhanced drawing functionality. However, if Mark and the ZoomIt gang could just give me smooth zooms in AND out, I’d retire NLarge!

    For now, however, I think NLarge adds to the professionalism of my presentations by not potentially losing the context of what I’m presenting before or after I draw the audience’s attention to something via a zoom.

    Hope that helps

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