Office 2007 group policy – error in Outlook ADM file

If you are using the Vista Group Policy console to edit GPOs for using the downloadable ADM files Office 2007, create a policy (with or without any Outlook settings) and then try to see the report of which settings are configured, you may get an error similar to this (including the bad grammar of “is in not in”):

The .adm file path\Outlk12.adm is in not in a valid format and must be replaced. Details: A value name is expected before line 2461

The fix is described in typically long-winded but easy to follow fashion in KB926537 (although that article refers to line 3304 which is a bit odd). This basically involves moving one line of the file up so that a name appears before the values to which it refers. but it is not clear why the files are still available for download with this error in them and with no reference on the download page to this bug report and simple fix.

One Response to Office 2007 group policy – error in Outlook ADM file

  1. Adam Vero says:

    Update: the link in this article now goes to the newer version of these files, so if you have this error the simplest thing is really to download the latest versions and get rid of the old ones.

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