Further changes to Getting IT Right

Since the changes in June the amount of content on the blog is growing and the number of daily visitors continues to rise. August is the first month with more than 1,000 visitors, and should end with a cumulative total of 5,000 visits since the blog began in January.

So I chose a new theme, this time it’s Fadtastic which I think has a nice clean feel to it. I hope you like it too. My main reasons for choosing it were not just aesthetic, but practical – it is highly customisable so I can choose exactly what navigation aids and information to include in the right hand pane.

I know that many readers arrive after following links on forums or search engines to some of the more technical “tutorial” type posts, especially “The One About DSMod” (sounds like a geeky episode of Friends!). The new navigation should help to find some of the other content more easily.

Incidentally, the BlogRoll of sites I like to use is now at the bottom of the page. I need to update this with more places that I have been using a lot recently.

Let me know what you think of the new layout.

3 Responses to Further changes to Getting IT Right

  1. graycat says:

    The site looks good with the new style though I’m not quite convinced on the colours or abundance of white. Still, it’s definitely a step up from the previous one so good effort, Adam.

  2. Adam Vero says:

    The colours come with the stylesheet, so I’m stuck with these until I upgrade and then I can roll my own CSS. I like the coolness of the colours in the palette but it could do with a bit more contrast and punch for some of the headings, for example.

  3. Adam Vero says:

    Finally decided the Fadtastic theme was not working.
    Not enough contrast in the colours used in the headings, and the H2 and H3 styles almost appeared back to front in terms of their “strength” versus place in the hierarchy. In other words, Headings at level 2 looked less like a break in the text than a Heading 3, so the stucture of an article was often unclear.
    This Garland theme is not perfect either – the sidebars are a little cramped, need more space above each section heading. Better than the previous, though, so I’m sticking with this for now.

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