Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist exams changing

Thanks to Susanne for the heads up that the Microsoft MLSS and MLSE accreditations are about to change.

I renewed my Licensing Sales Specialist accreditation in May, but had not got round to taking the other five modules to become a MSLE. I’ve done two of them today and hope to get through the rest this week, in plenty of time to avoid the 11th September deadline.

It will be interesting to see how the new model works, but at least this way I will be able to use the accreditation for a year before I have to renew my qualification.

One Response to Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist exams changing

  1. Adam Vero says:

    Well, I did manage to pass the five modules for the Microsoft Licensing Sales Expert level in time. I’ve updated my consulting and professional profile pages on the company website to reflect this.

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