Microsoft Exams free second chance offer

Soon you will be able to get a free second shot to pass a Microsoft exam. They have run this kind of offer before and it always seems really popular.

Basically, you register for the deal with Microsoft, which gets you a voucher number. You then use this voucher number when you register and pay for your exam on the Prometric site as usual. If you fail the exam when you take it you can re-register to take the same exam again in a fixed timeframe.

The offer should be available from September 15th until January 31st, though whether that end-date is for the first try or your second attempt is not clear yet.

It seems that this will apply to all Microsoft professional and developer exams which are available through Prometric, but not Microsoft Office Specialist for example.

This offer will only be available from the 15th September, so you can’t register just yet, but there’s some information about the second shot offer on the Prometric website here which says:

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Register for Second Shot on the Microsoft site and receive an exam voucher number.
  • Step 2: Using the voucher number, schedule and pay for your initial exam via Prometrics’s web site, call center or test center locations. (You must have the voucher number available prior to registering.)
  • Step 3: Take your exam.
  • Step 4: If you fail, register for your free retake exam via Prometric’s web site, call center or test center locations using the same voucher number. NOTE: Please wait one day after the failed exam to register to allow for test results to be entered into the system.

Thanks to Trika on her MS certification blog for giving us the advance warning of this coming up. It certainly avoids people being frustrated if they register for their exam the day before something like this gets announced. In another post she also talks about some of the changes following MS switching to using only Prometric for their exams now.


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5 Responses to Microsoft Exams free second chance offer

  1. Adam Vero says:

    The second shot offer has been extended to the end of June 2008 now. See this page on Microsoft’s site for details.

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  3. Amol says:

    Second shot is coming back from 5th Aug. 2008…………
    Is this really true ??????????

  4. mohamedansari says:


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