Mr. T for a week raising money for Cancer Research UK

Mr T for a week One of the management accountants who works for a client of mine in Leeds has been raising money by being Mr T for a week, all day, every day. I only found out about this when I turned up to do some Excel training for them, even though he has been preparing for this for three months – he has grown a full beard, shaved his hair into that famous hairstyle (inspired by a Mandinka warrior, apparently) and arrives at work every day in combat gear ready for action (and drinks a pint of milk a day!)

The Yorkshire Evening Post has an article about his fundraising stunt, and there are some pictures in this gallery.

Now, since the whole point is to raise money I’m going to “quit this jibber-jabber” and get you to go over to JustGiving and make a donation for Cancer Research (don’t forget to Gift Aid it if you are a UK taxpayer, accountants especially like to keep that cash out of the taxman’s hands!)

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