Office 2010 Group Policy setting reference

There’s a useful Office 2010 Group Policy settings reference which details 428 settings which are new versus Office 2007, 125 deprecated or removed since 2007, and 98 which write to registry locations which are not version specific (and therefore might be policies which affect older and newer versions equally). This is a useful additional companion to the main settings reference (downloaded as part of the Office 2010 admin templates as discussed in an earlier post about managing Office 2010), especially to quickly identify where you may need to make new decisions rather than just replicating your original Office 2007 group policies setting by setting.

One Response to Office 2010 Group Policy setting reference

  1. Adam Vero says:

    I admit, I’m baffled. The previous link for the settings file no longer works, which is unusual for Microsoft as they tend to be pretty good at forwwarding out of date links to the new page.
    Anyway, MS have now released a new file which combines the previous two, showing all the group policy settings for Office 2010 which can be found in the ADM or ADMX files as well as OPAX settings for the OCT, and specific pages detailing new and removed settings.
    The new .xls file of all the settings can be downloaded from this page (the admin files are also there, but you can get the reference as a separate Excel spreadsheet on it’s own)

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