Exam objectives for MOS 2010 exams are now available

If you are interested in Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 certification, you may be interested to see that the full exam objectives have now been published for the various MOS 2010 exams, including the expert level ones for Word and Excel. Some of these exams are not yet released (such as SharePoint, due in June 2011), but by knowing the objectives which will be tested you can start to put together your training plan.

Subject Exam number and link
Word Core 77-881
Excel Core 77-882
PowerPoint 77-883
Outlook 77-884
Access 77-885
SharePoint End User 77-886
Word Expert 77-887
Excel Expert 77-888

I passed the Excel 2010 exam during a break at a conference last year, but I’ve been waiting for the Expert level exams to come out so I can go and do the Word and Excel Expert ones as well as Outlook and PowerPoint in a single day to get them all done at once for my MOS:Master certification. This is what I did for my MOS 2003 and similar to MCAS 2007 (when I did Vista as well, but there were no “expert” exams for 2007), and I just find it the best way to “blitz” them and get them all passed in one go.

(Just in case anyone missed it by the way, the Office exams are now back to the “MOS” branding rather than MCAS, and anyone with an MCAS 2007 certificate is retroactively awarded a MOS 2007 in its place.)

Good luck to anyone planning to take these; let me know in the comments how you get on!

4 Responses to Exam objectives for MOS 2010 exams are now available

  1. Marwa Sallam says:

    I want pass for sure for all exams of MOS 2010

    • Adam Vero says:

      Well if you want to pass for sure, then you need to get yourself very familiar with the individual Office products, revise to make sure you have learned all of the skills required to meet the exam objectives and then take the exams.

      Unless of course you mean “can you please send me some cheat materials, stolen exam questions or similar so I can learn these parrot-fashion with no real understanding of what the software actually does”.

      I which case my first answer is unprintable and my second is more simply that you are out of luck. Unlike the MCP multiple-choice exams, to pass MOS you actually have to be able to carry out a series of tasks to achieve the goals set out in the question. In other words, it is like taking an Office Simulator exam, and there’s no real way you can cheat that by rote learning, which I am very pleased about as that maintains the integrity for those genuine experts and hard-working students who bother to actually learn the subject.

      I have forwarded your email address on to Microsoft at tctips@microsoft.com as I am sure they will be interested in making sure you get the help you need rather than cheating on your exams.

  2. Marwa Sallam says:


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