Office 2010 Service Pack 1 – sp1 download available

Office 2010 logoLast month I wrote about the planned availability of Service Pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 for the end of June. And it’s here!

You can now download the whole service pack file as a self-extracting executable and simply run it to install, or you can use Windows Update, where it is listed as an Important/High Priority update (rather than critical or security) for you to manually install (after 90 days this will change to an automatic update if your system is configured for that). At the moment my 32 bit install claims this would take 409 MB via Windows Update compared with only 361 MB for the full exe package download.

Even if you only have 1 machine to do, you will save marginally on the file size if you manually download Office 2010 sp1, and then of course you will have the file to use again on any other machines that need it – if like me you are the de facto IT support for family and friends, this can be quite useful.

A few key changes relating to other products are that Outlook 2010 sp1 will fully support the now-released Office 365 online business applications suite, while SharePoint 2010 will support SQL 2011 and has improved support for users of Internet Explorer 9.

So, there’s lots of information about this important update, as well as the downloads themselves, so let’s dive straight in with a load of links to the things you probably want to get hold of straight away.

Office 2010 information and downloads

KB 2460049 Information page for Office 2010 sp1 + links to downloads
MS Support KB 2460049 Office 2010 SP1

Main Downloads Office 2010 sp1
Office 2010 sp1 – for 32-bit editions of Office
Office 2010 sp1 – for 64-bit editions of Office

SharePoint 2010

Since this is 64 bit only, there’s only one service pack download to consider.
SharePoint 2010 sp1 information
SharePoint 2010 service pack 1 download

System Administrator Information

If you manage many machines and don’t intend to deploy this by actually running the exe file on every computer on your network, you can deploy the update using WSUS, or you can extract the MSP files from the package using a command line and deploy the ones you need.
KB 2532118 has details of which MSP files are in which service pack download

You may also want to find out how to patch those other bits and pieces of the Office suite which are not necessarily part of a core installation, such as Access runtime, Visio viewer or the language packs.
KB 2510609 has details of all the different Office 2010 sp1 packages
KB 2532120 has details of the SharePoint 2010 packages

The Office Sustained Engineering blog has a page with direct links to the download pages for all the different packages for Office 2010 and SharePoint in a big long list arranged alphabetically, with columns for the article with information about that patch, and 32 / 64 bit downloads (as applicable).

There are a few “gotchas” with sp1, most notably for people using SharePoint 2010 and Office Web Apps, and regarding SharePoint workflows on new site collections. This support article is likely to be added to as reports come in of any bugs found once this starts being used around the world, so it may be worth revisiting the page again in a few weeks.
Details of known issue with service pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Excel Worksheets of Changes

Another very useful resource for IT administrators and interested geeks is a complete Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) of all the changes, issues fixed etc. While the descriptions of each one are pretty short and usually describe the old symptom (issue) rather than the new behaviour, this could be a useful quick check to see if this service pack will finally fix something odd that your users have been complaining about. There are two files, one for Office 2010 and the other for SharePoint 2010 and Office Servers:
Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 Changes.xlsx
SharePoint 2010 and Office Servers Service Pack 1 Changes.xlsx

Group Policy files updated

When Office 2010 was released to manufacture, the necessary files for managing the suite using Group Policy and the Office Customisation Tool (OCT) were available at the same time, and with the release of sp1 these tools have also been updated to version 2, which is great news, and certainly an improvement over the delays that were common for Office 2007 and the service packs for that.

There are two versions of the admin files to download, depending on whether you wish to target the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office – the version you use does not depend on the OS of the server or workstation you are using to manage your Group Policies, so you would use the 32-bit version to mange the users that have 32-bit Office 2010 installed, even if your management console is on Windows 7 64 bit or Windows Server 2008 R2.

Updated admin files for Office 2010 sp1 – ADM/ADMX+ADML and OPAX+OPAL

The same page also has a link to the usual Excel workbook of all the Group Policy and OCT settings reference for Office 2010 but this is just the same old file that has been around since the RTM version, so don’t waste time downloading this. (At the time of writing this blog post the file linked from that page has the same MD5 hash as the one which has been available since at least last August).

The admin files download extracts to three folders for ADM / ADMX and Admin (OCT) files, as well as an updated spreadsheet listing all the settings. So, while this is not as detailed as the full settings reference, it does at least seem to have more settings, although I have not yet found any which are particularly interesting to report.

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