Advanced Office Documents 2010 Edition by Stephanie Krieger

It took me a while to realise that when Stephanie Krieger said her new book was on the way, it was not necessarily going to be published under a similar title to her previous one “Advanced Office Documents 2007 edition”, in the MS Press “Inside Out” series.

So I’ve only just got round to finally ordering Documents, Presentations, and Workbooks: Using Microsoft Office to Create Content that gets Noticed which is the updated version.
Not the snappiest of titles, and if it is anything like her last it should have really been called something like “How to make Office 2010 really rock”.

I’m hoping it will be as brilliant and have the same deep content as the previous one, which certainly taught me loads about the packaging and XML structure of the new document formats, as well as some great stuff about using content controls in Word. If I get time I’ll do a proper review when I’ve worked my way through it.

Windows Server 2008 Security Resource Kit coming very soon

book cover - Windows Server 2008 Security Resource KitJesper Johansson has put together a great book for Windows Server 2008 focusing on security and providing a load of resources that go beyond the shipped product.

Produced by a group of world-class contributors including several MVPs and members of Microsoft’s server security team, this is likely to be the definitive reference on the subject for some time.

According to Jesper’s blog it has now gone to press.

This official Microsoft Resource Kit delivers the in-depth, technical information and tools you need to help protect your Windows®–based clients, server roles, networks, and Internet services.

Leading security experts explain how to plan and implement comprehensive security with special emphasis on new Windows security tools, security objects, security services, user authentication and access control, network security, application security, Windows Firewall, Active Directory® security, group policy, auditing, and patch management. The kit also provides best practices based on real-world implementations.

You also get must-have tools, scripts, templates, and other key job aids, including an eBook of the entire Resource Kit on CD.

It’s an MS Press title so it should be pretty widely available, I will be pre-ordering my copy from here at The Register book store, as they have really competitive pricing and free delivery for orders over £25 at the moment.

Hardening Windows Systems – Roberta Bragg

Author: Roberta Bragg. CISSP, MCSE: Security, Security+Publisher: McGraw Hill / Osborne

Suggested Publisher Price: $39.99 US / $57.95 CDN / £24.99 UK

ISBN: 0-07-225354-1 Softcover, 504 pages

Hardening Windows Systems book cover

Bulletproof your systems before you are hacked!

Take a proactive approach to network security by hardening your Windows systems against attacks before they occur. Written by security evangelist Roberta Bragg, this hands-on resource provides concrete steps you can take immediately as well as ongoing actions to ensure long-term security. Whether you have one Windows server or one hundred, you’ll get complete details on how to systematically harden your network from the ground up, as well as strategies for getting company-wide support for your security plan. With coverage of Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/XP and Windows Server 2003, this book is an essential security tool for on-the-job IT professionals.

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Excel Hacks – David and Raina Hawley

Excel Hacks – 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tricks

Authors: David and Raina Hawley

Publisher: O’Reilly

Excel hacks book cover

Suggested Publisher Price: $24.95 US / $36.95 CDN / £17.50 UK

ISBN: 0-596-00625-X Softcover, 284 pages

Excel has fundamentally changed the way we’ve related to numbers for over a decade, but much of its power remains hidden.

Diving beneath the surface of Excel requires looking at features in unusual ways, but offers great rewards. Excel Hacks helps you leapfrog most of the preparatory work of understanding how it all works and what lives where, taking you straight to a set of immediately practical tools and techniques for analyzing, processing and presenting data.

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Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror – Jeremy Moskowitz

Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror (third edition)

Author: Jeremy Moskowitz, MCSE, MCSA, MVP

Publisher: Sybex

Suggested Publisher Price: $49.99 US / $69.95 CDN / £34.99 UK

ISBN: 0-7821-4298-2 Softcover, 536 pages (+TOC / index)

Group Policy, profiles etc. book cover

Buy the book direct from the Author (and get it signed!) (Update: this link now goes to a page for the replacement fourth edition of this book)

Everything you need to know about Group Policy in one useful reference…and loads more besides

The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is a dramatic step forward in the way Group Policy is administered. This book provides all the instruction and insight you need to take full control of your Active Directory with GPMC and other Group Policy tools. You’ll also learn techniques for implementing Intellimirror, making it possible for users to work securely from any location; and you’ll find intensive troubleshooting advice, insider tips on keeping your network secure, and hundreds of clear examples that will help you accomplish all your administration goals.

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Sophos SBE: anti-virus and anti-spam for small businesses

Sophos Small Business Suite – Engineered for small businesses

  • Includes Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition and Sophos Pure Message Small Business Edition
  • Detects and disinfects viruses at every potential access point, ensuring networks are fully protected
  • Blocks up to 98% of spam, keeping inboxes free of unsolicited bulk emails
  • Updates automatically, providing a complete defence against the latest virus and spam threats


This product is squarely aimed at the small business IT administrator who wants a neat, simple solution to address their concerns about viruses, and the issues caused by the ever-increasing volume of spam email.

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