Create your own offline book of TechNet content

If you use the Microsoft TechNet Library at all, you will know it is a vast resource of information for systems administrators and IT professionals. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, particularly when a particular topic may have various different scenarios, only one of which really applies to your organisation.

So I was really pleased to read about a great new feature today which will let you collect together load of pages or whole sections that you want to read through later, or perhaps share with your colleagues to save them trying to find the same information.

Browser bookmarks could very quickly get tedious, so this way means you can create your own contents page inside TechNet, which will be remembered for you between sessions. You can also output your collection as a web page to host locally or as a PDF file which means you can read the content on a wide rage of platforms, including e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Read a step by step guide to building your own book of TechNet articles on the Office IT Pro Blog.