Awesome quick formatting of chart elements in Excel 2010

I just discovered a minor enhancement to chart controls in Excel 2010 that makes a really big difference in terms of how long it takes to quickly add the formatting I need.

When you right click something in your chart you see the usual right click menu as with Excel 2007 but now you also get the floating mini-bar above it as shown below (click for larger version)

Excel 2010 chart formatting mini-bar

On the right hand end of this you can see the selected element (Series 3 in this case) which you can then directly format, but even more usefully, you can use the drop down here to select another element, format that, then another and so on, and the mini-bar stays on top throughout.

Excel2010 chart formatting2

Now of course you can achieve the same thing by selecting elements on the Chart Tools|Layout or Chart Tools|Format ribbons, but for some items like labels and axes you want to change font properties and that means going from one Ribbon to another. If you want to rapidly change the colours or borders of various things, make the gridlines and plot area less obvious, alter the fonts of data labels or axes and other quick changes, you can do all of this without ever leaving this mini-bar area

Read on to find out more about using the mini-toolbar to change chart formatting»