What are the URLs for CRM integration?

This is one of those really simple things that I don’t need very often so it is easy to forget and then I have to go looking for it, so I figured I can’t be the only one and it might be worth posting.

You may occasionally need one or more of these URLs for integration with other applications or components such as the e-mail router, or you may need your Organisation name to licence a third party plugin or solution (which is a rather annoying GUID if you use CRM Online, rather than the actual name of your Organisation as it appears in your URL).

Whether you are using CRM Online or have CRM 4.0 or 2011 installed on your own servers or hosted by a partner, you can find all the URLs you might need by going to Settings > Customization > Developer Resources as shown in the screenshot below: Link to Developer Resources in CRM

When you click on the link you will see something like this:Developer Resources in CRM Online

Notice that the Discovery Service endpoint is the same for all CRM Online implementations in your territory, starting https://dev.crm… Outside the US replace “crm” with “crm4” for EMEA and “crm5” for Asia Pacific. The Organisation Services for SOAP and OData both use your organisation’s “friendly name” rather than the GUID.

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