CRM User Group Social Evening May 15th in Reading

There’s so much buzz about “social CRM” I felt it was about time we made the CRM User Group more social too. So, the evening before the next CRM UG UK meeting (which is in 9 weeks time on 16th May at TVP) we’ll be getting together for a less formal gathering, a few drinks, maybe a bite to eat (especially for those of you staying overnight in Reading), some networking, chit-chat and generally getting to know one another a bit better.

Where: Pitcher and Piano, 18 Friar Street, Reading, RG1 1DB

When: Wednesday 15th May, 18:30 onwards – get there early on if you want some free nibbles, and definitely try to get there before 8pm to take advantage of various 2 for 1 offers on cocktails and selected bottled beers, or glasses of house wine and pints of beer or cider for £2.50

Who: Anyone with an interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users, administrators, techies, experts, trainers, partners – especially those attending the CRM UG Meeting, but of course also people who can’t actually make the main event for some reason.

How many will be there?

Great question! I need to give the venue a reasonable idea of numbers before the night so they can make sure to accommodate us comfortably. Please add a comment below if you think you will be there, or tweet me directly if you prefer (@AdamVero). Help us to get the word out to as many folk as possible by emailing your colleagues, tweeting about it (click for ready-to-tweet message), mentioning it to your LinkedIn groups and so on. Use hashtag #CRMUGUKSocial if you want to join the conversation.

15 Responses to CRM User Group Social Evening May 15th in Reading

  1. Mike Mallett says:

    As I am based just the other side of Reading I am sure that I can be there.

    • Adam Vero says:

      Looking forward to meeting you, Mike!
      Please tweet, blog, email, share the links with your colleagues and CRM friends – by definition a social event is more social if more people come along!

  2. Feridun Kadir says:

    Hope to be at the evening and the User Group day.

  3. Adam Brown says:

    Hi, I am coming to the Event on the 16th so would be happy to meet up with some of you on the 15th if you are still meeting up.



    • Adam Vero says:

      I think we have enough folk coming to say we are definitely going ahead, so I look forward to seeing you on the Wednesday evening and on Thursday.

  4. Neil Hay says:

    I will be there. It will be my first CRM UG event so I am looking forward to meeting some new faces in the industry

  5. Kaveri Kalavath says:

    Same here. Looking forward to meeting some new faces and locals.

  6. Hi, I’ll be down from Scotland for my first CRM UG event, so will be free in the evening. Look forward to meeting you then

    • Adam Vero says:

      Neil, Kaveri, Martin – looks like we’re going to have quite a good crowd of 25 or more, which is great! Please feel free to tweet or share in other ways to get the news out to more folks.

  7. Hi
    I’ll be there with my colleagues, Christine, Rory and Kirstie. We’re travelling down from the NE of England. I’d be interested to meet up with anyone who is also working with NAV. Look forward to seeing you all on the 15th.

  8. David Evans says:

    I am flying in from Jersey and meeting Sean Cleaver so we will both be there for a few drinks. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  9. Lynnie Gale says:

    Hi, will be driving down from the North West Hope to get to you befoe they boot you out of the bar!!! 😉

  10. Craig Hamer says:

    Will be good to catch up Adam, see you there.

  11. Fergus Prone says:

    Myself and Greg from CCDC will be coming down Adam, See you there.

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