Changing custom entity icons already published in CRM 2011

This is a follow-up from my previous article about how to add your own new icons for custom entities in CRM 2011.

Once you have published your web resources and linked to them from your custom entity maybe you want to change your mind and use a different icon instead. Some people use the same “placeholder” for all their custom entities (such as a plain brightly coloured square) to remind them to fix them later, in other cases maybe you think of a better metaphor for the icon, or users simply don’t take to it during testing. Note that you can’t change the icons for a built-in system entity at all.

Whatever the reason for wanting to change your icons, you have two options:

1) Create a new web resource

This will be published and available to use immediately when you save it. Navigate to the entity and click “Update Icons”, change the lookup to the new web resource, click OK then publish the entity so the changes take effect.

The first advantage of this approach is if you were using the same icon for more than one entity this only updates them one at a time. Another advantage is a very quick and easy rollback to the previous web resource – especially if you were not the person who published it and you don’t have access to the source image file to roll back to (without downloading it first).

2) Update the existing web resource

Edit the web resource record, browse to a new file and upload it. Publish the web resource to make it available to use. Entity will automatically start using the new image file without you updating the icons explicitly or republishing the entity.

Advantage is your web resource keeps its original name so your naming convention still applies, you don’t end up with “Event_32_new” or similar, and the old unwanted icons are not left around to confuse other people or clog up your solution files unintentionally.

What’s your preference? Let me know in the comments

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