Outlook does not show new CRM 2011 Custom Entity icons

This is a further follow up post to my recent article on How to add icons to custom entities in CRM 2011.

I have occasionally found that updated custom entity icons did not appear in the Outlook client as expected. This may or may not have been fixed in more recent rollups; I have not noticed it for a while but then I have not customised many of my own live CRM instance icons for a while either (I don’t tend to connect my Outlook client to customer’s systems when working on them and that’s where I am more likely to create new entities).

The cause and the fix are relatively simple – for obvious performance reasons, the icons are cached locally so you just need to clear them out.

Where are those cached icons?

The icons are cached here (for Windows Vista / 7 / 8?):


So close Outlook and go delete the cached icons for the entity causing the problem. You will need to know the entity type code (aka object type code) for your custom entity for this (you can check this in various ways including from the URL of a record or in the xml of your exported solution file). Cache files in the above folder will be called something like the one below (yes, this is really a file name, split across two lines here but just one long name in reality).


or …iconType=GridIcon…

or …NavigationIcon…

So look for the various ones ending with your typecode (use search to help with this)

You may also see this format for the web resource:


Once you have deleted the relevant icons, restart Outlook and it will be forced to fetch these again when it needs them so hopefully will get the correct up to date versions.

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