More Dynamics CRM 2015 videos from the MS Product Team

As a follow up to my previous post showcasing some of the YouTube videos that Microsoft have posted about CRM 2015, here are some more about various features that have recently been added.

Farrukh Ghaffar talks about the update process for CRM Online customers when CRM 2015 gets released.

There are also some great run-throughs of new features such as “Rollup and Calculated Fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015” from Brandon Simons, and “Tablet Productivity Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015” presented by Tony Schmidt.


Daniel Dallala gives a useful overview of some of the enhancements to the product catalog features for product families, related products and bundles

Finally Narinder Singh talks about the possibilities for self service reporting using Power BI.

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