Modify Dashboard properties in CRM 2015

In CRM 2011 you could create system and personal Dashboards. You could start from scratch using one of the predefined layout templates, or copy an existing one using “Save As”. Choose a name, give it a description and away you go.

If you changed your mind about the purpose of the dashboard you could simply open it back up and change the name of the dashboard, and you could click the “Properties” button on the Ribbon to change the description.

With CRM 2013 there was a big change – although you could change the name of a dashboard, there was no “Properties” button on the command bar to change the description, so if you got it wrong when you first created and saved it – tough, you could not go back and fix it later. And “Dashboard” is not an entity you can add to a Solution to work on the command bar RibbonXML using Ribbon Workbench, for example.

Dashboard 2013 no properties button

Despite reporting this as a suggestion that needed fixing by using the Connect site, nothing happened for the last year. The workaround of making a further copy of the dashboard and setting the correct properties is all very well, but could mean having to change the default dashboards for each module in the SIteMap, and for users to have to set a new default if they were using the existing one.

Anyone using CRM for Tablets could only use the “out of the box” Sales dashboard, but if you wanted to change this you could modify every aspect of it (including the display name) to use it for non-sales purposes but you still could not change the description. Read what is changing in CRM 2015»